Secure Messaging Preferences


The Secure Messaging Preferences page allows you to select which providers are available for secure messaging, set message type preferences, choose the "From" display name, and, for Intergy customers on v12 and above, configure location preferences.

How to Get Here

Select Secure Messaging Preferences from the Settings widget on the Admin Dashboard, or from the Settings panel. For Prime Suite customers, providers must be marked as On Staff and Billable to be available for secure messaging and appear on this list (see below).

The Settings widget and Settings panel will only display the functionality that applies to your products (either Portal, Messaging, or both).

Message Type Preferences

In the Message Type Preferences section you can choose which of the following message types appear in the I would like to ... dropdown when a patient creates a new message in My Messages:

  • Ask a medical question
  • Request a medical record
  • Ask an insurance question
  • Ask a general question

One of these four options MUST be checked in the Message Type Preferences section.

All message types are enabled by default.

From Message Preferences

In the From Message Preferences section you can choose what is displayed in the From field when sending a secure message to a patient. Practices can select Administrative Office, Provider name (Intergy Only), or Custom name, which allows input into a custom name field.

When your practice selects the Provider name option and any provider that is not in the Provider Preferences section sends a secure message from Intergy, the From display name will default to "Administrative Office."

Location Preferences (Intergy practices on v12.00 and above only)

In the Locations Preferences section, you can select from two settings:

  • Require patients to select location - This setting requires patients to select a location prior to being able to submit a secure message.
  • Require patients to select from previous locations - This setting restricts the available locations only to those locations that a patient has previously visited.

In this context, "previously visited" refers to a location that a patient has a signed encounter with in the core platform.

If the Require patients to select location setting is disabled, then the Location drop-down will be grayed out until a patient selects a provider and if a patient selects NO preference in the Provider drop-down. See the My Messages help topic for more information on the various workflows that occur when patients create a new secure message.

Provider Preferences

In the Provider Preferences section you can select which providers are available for Secure Messaging. You can also apply additional secure message availability at the individual location level. See the Availability Settings for Locations, Resources, and Appointment Types topic for more information.

Provider Not in Secure Messaging Preferences (Prime Suite Customers Only)

If your provider does not appear in Secure Messaging Preferences, they may not be set up as Billable and On Staff. To update these settings:

1. In the System menu, select Care Providers.

2. Select Provider Search and enter the first and last name of your provider. Select provider from the search options.
3. Check Billable and On Staff and select Save to complete the update.

Once the provider is displayed on the Portal, you are free to uncheck Billable and On Staff without the provider being removed.