Portal Invitation Email

Limited Availability: Only available for Early Adopter Program customers


The Portal Invitation Email page allows your practice to customize the Greenway Patient Portal invitation email that is sent to your customers. Using a 'what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) editor, you will be able to customize the invitation email according to your practice's brand.

How to Get Here

Select Portal Invitation Email from the Settings widget on the Admin Dashboard, or from the Settings panel.

The Settings widget and Settings panel will only display the functionality that applies to your products (either Portal, Messaging, or both).

Default Template

The following template comes preloaded in the Portal Invitation Email setting. If you modify this template and then save your changes (see the section below for instructions), you cannot revert these changes to the default template.

You can, however, copy and paste the following text into the Content section of the Portal Email Invitation Edit screen.

If you copy and place the default template into the Content Editor, you will lose some of the original formatting. For example, if you replace the {Activation Link} portion of the template when you cut and paste this text into the Content Editor, you will need to style the Register Here button. See below for instructions.

Dear {RecipientName},

We are excited to invite you to join our patient portal. On the portal, you can

  • View your upcoming appointments
  • Securely communicate with your provider
  • View your health information

Sign up for an account to get anytime, anywhere access to all of the above – and more! It’s an easy way to stay connected and communicate with us about your healthcare.

Let’s get you started. To register and start taking advantage of the patient portal, visit this link:


This link will expire in {ExpiryDay} days. If your link expires or you need assistance with registration, please call our office.

After you register, go to {PortalUrl} anytime to visit our portal.

Editing the Template

After selecting Portal Invitation Email, you will see the current content and design of the Portal Invitation Email. To edit the content and design, select the Edit Template button.

In the Edit Portal Email Invitation window, you are able to modify the subject of the email, the content (body) of the email, and the signature content. Additionally, you can add a signature image to the email.

Insert Merge Fields

The following Merge Fields are available for use in the Subject, Content, and Signature Content sections:

  • ActivationLink - Generates the Register Here button with a link to the Portal registration page.
  • EmailAddress - The email of your practice that sends the invite.
  • EpiryDay - The amount of days until the link expires.
  • PortalURL - Link to the Portal home page.
  • PracticeName - Your practice's name.
  • PracticePhone - Your practice's phone number.
  • RecipientName - First Name of the invited user.

To insert a merge field, place the cursor in the editor and then select a merge field from the list.

Using the Editor

After selecting the Content section, the editor appears in the right panel. This editor allows you to add paragraph styles (H1, H2, etc.), character styles (bold, italics, underline), text and background colors, and links to the content. By selecting the More button ( ... ), you can choose from additional styles including text-align and numbered lists.

For example, to make a sentence in the editor bold and in red, select the bold style () and then select the drop down next to the text color icon .

Style the Register Here Button

To update the background color of the Register Here button (Activation Link merge field), place your cursor in the {ActivationLink} text and then select the drop down next to the background color icon and select a color. To update the text color, select the text color icon and select a color.

Add a Signature Image

To add a signature image to the email, select the Signature Image section, and then select an image file. The images shown here are pulled from images previously uploaded in the Media Library.

Viewing the Portal Invitation Email

After making changes to the Invitation Email in the Edit page, you can view your results by selecting Save. To make any additional changes to the Invitation Email, select Edit Template and then make your changes.