The Locations setting allows Greenway Patient Admin-role users to select which locations are available for notices, direct scheduling (Intergy requires v12.00 and above, and Prime Suite requires v17.10 and above), appointment requests, and appointment display, and add additional location information such name alias, alternate address, and alternate phone.

How to Get Here

Select Locations from the Settings widget on the Admin Dashboard, or from the Settings panel.

The Settings widget and Settings panel will only display the functionality that applies to your products (either Portal, Messaging, or both).

Location selections are pulled from your EHR and cannot be added in the Locations setting. You will not see the any locations if the portal has not yet been connected to it.

Editing Location Information

To edit a resource and add supplementary information:

1. Select Locations from the Settings panel and then choose or search for a location from the list. To search for a location enter at least two characters and then select the search icon. Select the refresh icon to clear your entry.
2. Select Edit from the location's information card.

The location's Edit screen will show you the default site information as pulled from the core platform, including its name, address (address line 1, address line 2, city, state, ZIP code), phone number, and fax number. This information is grayed out, and can only be edited from the core platform.

3. Using the Edit screen you can provide the following additional information:
  • Name Alias: An alternative name. For example, if the practice's name is "Greenway Medical Clinic in North Tampa", its name alias might be "Greenway North."
    • Name aliases will appear as the default display name for direct scheduling, appointment requests, and notices. If no name alias is entered, then the default display name will be the location name.
  • Name Audio: If you have uploaded a recording of the location's name to the Media Library, select the file from this list. This recording can be used in voice messages.
  • Web Address: A web address for your practice.
  • Alternate Address: An alternate mailing address or location (such as a PO Box).
  • Alternate Phone: An alternate phone number (such as a line dedicated specifically to patient queries versus a general business line).
  • Delivery Days: Dates when messages can be sent to patients from the practice.
    • Any inactive delivery day will not be included in the count for scheduled appointment messages. For example, if an appointment message is set to deliver 2 days before a Monday appointment, and Saturday and Sunday are set as inactive delivery days for that location, then the message will be sent on Thursday. Two active days (Thursday and Friday) before the scheduled Monday appointment.
  • Image: If you have an uploaded image to the Media Library you want to associate with this location, select it from this list. These can be used when sending emails.
  • Availability: Set availability for Notices, Direct Scheduling (Prime Suite v17.10 and above, and Intergy v12.00 and above), Appointment Requests, and Schedule Appointment Display. For more information on configuring availability and setting availability for more than one appointment type, see the Availability Settings for Locations, Resources, and Appointment Types topic.

Intergy practices are also able to select whether to Allow New Patients to Schedule Appointment (v12.00 and above only), and Allow New Patients to Request Appointment, and make a location available for Secure Messaging (Limited Availability: Only available for Early Adopter Program customers and requires v12.00 and above) in the Availability section. See the Secure Messaging and Appointment Request Updates, and Direct Scheduling Updates (Intergy Only) and the Secure Messaging Preferences help topics for more information.

4. Once finished, select Save.

5. After saving, the added information displays on the resource's information card.

The Location Edit screen will only display the functionality that applies to your products (Portal, Messaging).

If you want patients to be able to choose a location for direct scheduling or appointment requests, make sure Allow patients to direct schedule qualifying appointment types or Allow patients to request appointment and Show location options are turned on in Appointment Preferences.

Appointment Message Consolidation Option in Locations Setting

In Site Options, if the Consolidate appointment messaging to earliest qualifying appointment of the event date option is disabled, then two additional options appear:

  • Send message for each qualifying appointment
  • Manage consolidation options in Location settings.

If Manage consolidation options in Locations settings is enabled, then appointment message consolidation is controlled on a per location basis in the Locations setting.

To set appointment messaging consolidation for a location:

1. Select Locations from the Settings widget.
2. Select Edit on a location's card.
3. In the Edit window, select the Delivery Days/Appointment Messaging Consolidation section.
4. Under Appointment Messaging Consolidation, select the radio button next to either:
a. On: Consolidate messaging to earliest qualifying appointment of the event date, or
b. Off: Send message for each qualifying appointment.

The default is: On: Consolidate messaging to earliest qualifying appointment of the event date.

5. Select Save when complete.

Intergy Practices: Default Location and Birthday Messages

For Intergy practices, Birthday Notices will not work properly unless a phone number is entered into the Alternate Phone field in your practice's Default Location. To enter an alternative phone number into the Default Location:

1. Select Locations from the Settings panel.
2. If you do not see the Default Location, it is most likely archived.
3. To find the archived location, select the filter icon and then select Include Archived.

4. Select the Default Location from the list.
5. Select Edit in the information card.
6. In the Edit screen, enter a phone number into the Alternate Phone field and select Save.