My Health


When patients first log in to, they will default to the My Health section.

In this section of the portal patients can:

  • See their most up-to-date medical information in the Summary view.
  • See a specific visit's information in the Visits list.
  • See a list of all current Medications and, if your practice allows it, request medication refills.
  • View Growth Charts for Head Circumference, Length by Age, Weight by Age, Weight for Length, and Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • View Patient Education suggested by a provider.
  • Complete Health History Forms (not available to all practices and their patients).
  • Download patient education, financial, administrative, and medical Documents and Forms.
  • Track when health data is viewed, downloaded, or sent to another care provider via the Access Log.


This portion of the site displays patients' medical information including vitals, medications, and lab results. Patients can also send and download health records here.

How to Get Here

Log in or select My Health and then Summary.

Filter Health Record by Date Range

The default date range for a patient's health summary is set to Last 3 years. In order to view All History, select All History from the View drop-down.

Choosing Select Date Range allows a patient to select a specific date range. After filling in the desired dates, a patient will select Apply. The medical history for that date range will then display.

Retrieve Latest Health Record

A patient can select Retrieve you latest Health Record button to retrieve the most up-to-date health record.

Send a Health Record

Patients can send their health record to themselves or to another care provider (via Direct Address) by selecting the Send button.

In the pop-up, patients will then enter an email address (and if this a Direct Address, select the check box) and then enter a message. When complete, they will select Send.

Download a Health Record

To download their health record, patient's will select the Download button. In the pop-up, they will select either PDF or XML and then select I Accept to download the health record.

My Visits

In the Visits page, patients can view their health record for a specific visit by selecting from the list in Visits.

How to Get Here

Select My Health and then select Visits. Select a visit from the list to display that visit's summary.

On the My Visit Summary page, patients can Send or Download their health record for a visit.


The My Medications page allows patients to view all of their current and past medications. If your practice allows it, patients can also request medication refills.

How to Get Here

Select My Health and then select Medications. After selecting Medications, patients will see (if your practice participates in this feature) the Request Medication Refill button. In the Medications page, patients will see a list of their past and current medications (if they have any).

Request Medication Refill

To request a medication, patients will:

1. Select the Request Medication Refill button.
2. Select a medication from the list, select a pharmacy (if only one pharmacy is listed, the radio button will already be selected), and then select Submit.

A copy of this information was also added to the sent messages folder.

Growth Charts

For patients age 0-36 months, displays a Growth Chart for Head Circumference, Length by Age, Weight by Age, and Weight for Length. For patients age 2-20, the portal displays a Body Mass Index (BMI) Growth Chart.

For more information, see the Growth Charts topic.

Patient Education

The Patient Education section allows patients to access health education materials. Here, patients can search for health information. Also, your practice may add informational links related to diagnoses, medications, or concerns discussed during your visit.

How to Get Here

Go to My Health and then select Patient Education from the menu.


This section displays a search field where patients can search for health-related information. The search bar allows patients to conduct keyword searches in English or Spanish.

Provider Suggested Information

Patient education links suggested by your practice are located below the search field, and divided by the date of a patient's visit. The name of the provider who added these links will display. For example, selecting on the provider suggested link Chronic sinusitis, unspecified (Problem) takes a patient to the National Library of Health's website, MedlinePlus Connect, for information on this medication.

Patient Education information can also be found by selecting Visits and then selecting a visit from the list. Under the Instructions and Decision Aids section, practice provided links are available.

For practices looking to add static information, use the Documents and Forms section for uploading this information.

Health History Forms

For Prime Suite practices only, the Health History Forms page allows patients to fill out and submit health history forms (e.g., family medical history, allergies etc.) through For more about Health History Forms in Prime Suite, see the User Help Guide and the Portal Setup in Prime Suite - Health History Forms help topic.

How to Get Here

Go to My Health and then select Patient Education from the menu. To fill out a form, patients will select from the list of available forms. The form will then open in a new window.

Documents and Forms

The Documents and Forms section is where patients access provider uploaded documents and forms. These documents and forms can be either Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, or Adobe PDF® files.

How to Get Here

To access any available documents and forms, go to My Health and then select Documents and Forms. Available documents in this section are grouped into the following categories: General, Administrative, Financial, Health Education, Medical, and New Patient. To download a document select the title of the document, which is a blue link.

Access Log

The Access Log allows patients to track when health data is viewed, downloaded, or sent to another care provider. To view the Access Log select My Health and then select Access Log.