About Patient Messaging

Greenway Patient Messaging is Greenway Health’s automated integrated patient notification system. These communications are triggered by events in your EHR (Greenway Prime Suite or Greenway Intergy), and are set up by you and sent, either manually or on a scheduled timer, using the Notices widget.

The following topic areas are of interest to Greenway Patient Messaging practices.

Key terms

A Notice is created in Greenway Patient Messaging (GPM) to generate and deliver automated, customized patient messaging triggered by events in the core platform. Each notice is comprised of Settings and Messages.

Settings are conditions that determine an event’s qualification for messaging. Settings are selected and saved in the GPM admin user interface (UI) at the notice level.

Messages are customized communications specific to a notice. Messages are created and managed in the GPM admin UI.

Depending on the notice type, messages can be delivered when a trigger occurs (e.g., when an appointment is scheduled in Intergy or Prime Suite a confirmation can be generated and delivered) or scheduled according to the trigger (e.g., a reminder can be scheduled X day(s) before the appointment date; a follow-up message can be scheduled X day(s) after the appointment date). See the

Messages can be created in two languages (English & Spanish) and for multiple delivery methods (text, voice, and email). Patient settings in the core platform determine which method(s) are generated for each patient (e.g., one patient might wish to receive only texts while another patient might wish to receive texts, emails, and voice calls).

Merge fields can be used in message content to insert dynamic data (e.g., patient first name, appointment date, location name). Merge fields vary in availability across notice types. Further detail included in the Merge Fields section of this document.

Notices and Messages are created, edited, and sent using the Notices widget.

Training Courses

See MyGreenway for additional training information on Greenway Patient Messaging.