Appointment Broadcast Notices


Appointment Broadcast notices are sent out to patients manually, and are targeted towards patients with appointments of specific types and timings. Messages can include specific information about the patient, providers, and the practice.

How to Get Here

Select Appointment Broadcast from the Notices widget.

Finding Notices

To view an existing notice, select it from the Notices list. Notices can be either Draft or Sent.

  • Notices marked as Draft can be edited, sent, and deleted. These have not yet been sent.
  • Notices marked as Sent can be archived, but cannot be edited or deleted.

You can review a notice's content by selecting its SettingsMessages, and Send progress tabs.

Using the Notices Filter to Find Notices

To find a specific notice, you can use the filter to narrow down this list by Location, Resources, Appointment Types, or to show/hide Archived Notices.

Creating New Appointment Broadcast Notices

You can create a brand new appointment broadcast notice or copy an existing notice's setting.

  • To create a brand new appointment broadcast notice, in the Appointment Broadcasts screen, select .
  • To copy an existing notice to make a new notice, choose the notice you want to copy from the Notices list and select the Copy Notice button. Copying notices copies all of its information, such as audience, messages, and message types. This can save you time when writing similar notices to similar audiences.

After this, the following parts of the process are identical:

1. In the Settings screen that opens, enter the following:
  • Name: Be sure to make this descriptive. Notices cannot have the same name as another notice, even of a different type (e.g. appointment notice vs. no-show notice).
  • Locations: This notice will only go to patients of the selected locations.
  • Resources: This notice will only go to patients seeing the selected providers.
  • Appointment types: This notice will only go to patients scheduled for the selected appointment types.
  • Time frame of Qualifying Appointments: Messages sent for this notice will only go to patients with appointments within the selected time frame.
  • Duplicate Message Options: For patients which have more than one appointment meeting the above criteria, you can Send one message per patient or Send one message per appointment.
2. When finished, click Save. This takes you to the Messages progress tab.

You can stop at this point and create the messages later, or you can create the messages now by using the Messages progress tab.

Remember, the notice is not sent immediately after it's created; notices that are created and saved will be marked as Draft. You can finish the notice, as a whole, at any time by selecting Send.

Qualifying appointments are limited to appointments made since your practice went live with Greenway Patient Messaging and appointments made within the last 365 days. For example, if your practice began using Greenway Patient Messaging on 07/01/2018, then only those appointments made on or after 07/01/2018 qualify for appointment broadcasts. Also, if your practice went live on 01/01/2017, then only appointments made within the previous 365 days qualify for appointment broadcasts.

Creating Message Notifications

You can create the Messages that will be sent as part of a Notice in its Messages progress tab. There are three (3) types of communication:

1. Text to create an SMS message.
2. Voice to create a phone message.
3. Email, to create an email message, which can include graphics.

To start, select for the appropriate communication type.

You can delete messages by selecting .

Reviewing, Editing, and Sending Existing Draft Notices

1. Find the notice using the Appointment Broadcasts list. If you need to filter the list, see Using the Notices Filter to Find Notices for details.
2. Select Next to move through the Settings, Messages, and Send progress tabs.
  • To edit the Settings, select Edit.
  • To edit any Messages, select Edit for message, or delete it by selecting .
  • The Send tab is only for final review and can't be edited.
3. When ready, select the Send button in the Send progress tab.

The Send button will be disabled after 9:00 PM local time and re-enabled at 7:00 AM local time. This is so that calls and text messages don’t go out in the middle of the night.

What Happens When I Send a Notice?

After the notice has been sent its status will change to Sent. Patient Messaging then will pull the appropriate information from the core platform and individualize each notification for the patient receiving it. Finally, the system will attempt to deliver the notification messages.

Delivery methods are controlled at the patient level, so Patient Messaging will know where to send messages by using the settings in the core platform.

You can check the status of messages by looking at the Broadcast Messages report in the Activity Center widget. If a message is not delivered, it is best practice to reach out to patients individually.

Deleting a Draft Notice

Only notices in a Draft status can be deleted.

1. Select the Notice you want to delete from the Notice List.
2. Select the icon at the bottom of the details of the notice.

A deleted notice will no longer exist, and cannot be accessed later.

Working with Sent and Archived Notices

Reviewing Sent and Archived Notices

1. Find the notice using the Appointment Broadcasts list.
2. Select the SettingsMessages, and Sent progress tabs to view details on that notice.

Archived notices are filtered out by default. See Archiving a Notice for details on including these in the Appointment Broadcast list.

Archiving a Notice

Sent notices cannot be deleted. These can only be archived.

1. Find the notice using the Appointment Broadcasts list.
2. Select Its status will be changed to Archived.

Once archived, notices cannot be un-archived.

By default, Archived notices will be filtered out of the Appointment Broadcast list. To see include these in that list:

1. Open the filter .
2. Check Include Archived Notices under the Archived Notices section.
3. Select Apply.