What's New

In Greenway Patient 4.4.1, we've added Growth Charts and API Token retrieval functionality to Greenway Patient Portal. Additionally, we've resolved several issues and made some changes to the Portal specific to your platform (Intergy or Prime Suite). See the Resolved Issues topic for a full list of fixes in Greenway Patient 4.4.1 and 4.4.1 Service Pack 2019 (Updated 08/20/2019).

Growth Charts

For patients age 0-36 months, myhealthrecord.com now displays a Growth Chart for Head Circumference, Length by Age, Weight by Age, and Weight for Length. For patients age 2-20, the portal displays a Body Mass Index (BMI) Growth Chart. For more information, see the Growth Charts help topic.

For patients 0-3 years, recorded head circumferences now display in the Vitals and Vitals History sections of the Summary page.

API Key Visibility

In the API Token page, patients are now able to retrieve an API token directly from the portal. This API token allows patients to access protected health information through third-party solutions that connect to our API. For more information, see the help topic here.

User Migration

For practices that are either migrating from Prime Suite to Intergy or have recently migrated, your patients may see one of several messages that indicate that their portal account is currently unavailable or is being updated.

For practices were the portal is currently being migrated, patient accounts will be unavailable and they will see one of the following messages:

  • "We are working to update your account at this time. Please try again later. For assistance please contact your provider."

  • "This account is being updated and is unavailable at this time. Please try again later. For further assistance contact your provider."

When a migration is complete, patients' accounts will update after logging in. Patients will see the following message along with a spinner: "We are currently updating your account. Please wait a moment." If the account update fails, patients are instructed to contact their provider for assistance.

Access Removed Notification

A link to our patient-facing help site is now available in the practice selection page that instructs patients what to do if they have access to multiple patient accounts and one of those accounts is missing.

Secure Messaging History

If a patient's portal account has been recently migrated from Prime Suite to Intergy, some of the patient's messages will be marked as Read Only. For these messages, the Reply button is disabled.

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