What's New

We are pleased to present Greenway Patient v4.5.0. This release features:

Additionally, we've resolved several issues and made some changes specific to your platform (Intergy or Prime Suite). See the Resolved Issues topic for a full list of fixes in Greenway Patient 4.5.0.

Update: 05/12/2020

We have released 4.5.0 Service Pack 1:

This Service Pack includes:

eForms - Now includes a COVID-19 eForm. Please see the eForm help topic for more information.

Generated and Broadcast Messages Status Updates

We've updated Generated and Broadcast Messages details view to provide you with more visibility into the status of messages. This only applies to Appointment Broadcast, Appointment, and Birthday notices.

Now, in the Status column of Generated and Broadcast Messages, whenever you filter messages by Error, you will see a reason for the error if a reason exists.

You may see one of the following Error Reasons:

  • Technical - Technical error sending the message.
  • Retry - The message will be sent again after either no answer or an error sending the message.
  • Undelivered (No Answer) - The message was undelivered due to no answer.
  • Demographics (To) - The patient's contact number or email is invalid.
  • Setup (Message Content) - No content was included in the message.
  • Setup (Location Phone) - The From phone number is invalid.
  • Undelivered (Invalid Send Time) - The message was sent outside of allowed times.

Error reasons will also display when exporting a broadcast or generated message report to PDF, CSV, or XML formats.

We've also added an additional filter to Status, Delivered. This filter allows you to filter Generated and Broadcast Messages for messages that have been delivered to patients.

New Login Page

We've updated the design of the MyHealthRecord.com login page. We've also add a Login Help button, which directs users to help.myhealthrecord.com.

eForms (Intergy Only)

The electronic forms (eForms) feature allows Intergy practices to publish predefined eForms to the Patient Portal. When a patient submits an eForm, a PDF of the completed form is sent to the EHR. See the eForms help topic for more information on configuring and using eForms.

eForms requires Intergy version and above.

Documents and Forms - Sort, Search, and Publish

We've updated the Documents and Forms page with the ability to sort, search for, and mass publish documents and forms.

To sort the Documents and Forms list, select the filter icon.

To search the Documents and Forms list, enter at least two characters into the search field.

To publish or unpublish documents and forms en masse, select the icon and then select or deselect an item in the pop-up.

Secure Messaging and Appointment Requests, and Direct Scheduling Updates (Intergy Only)

We've made several workflow and configuration updates to Secure Messaging and Appointment Requests and Direct Scheduling for Intergy clients. For more detailed information, see the Secure Messaging and Appointment Requests Updates help topic.

Secure Messaging - Recent Providers

In the Site Options setting, you can now configure whether to require patients to only message providers they have previously seen.

If a patient does not have any previous visits and Require patients to only message providers they have previously seen are selected, then the patient is instructed to call your office.

Scheduling and Requesting Appointments - Recent Providers and Locations

We've added an additional setting to the Appointment Preferences setting to globally allow or not allow scheduling or appointment request from new patients.

  • Require patients to schedule appointments with previous providers and locations
  • Require patients to request appointments with previous providers and locations

When enabled, patients are able to select only from their recently visited providers and locations when requesting or scheduling appointments depending on whether additional settings are enabled in Appointment Preferences, Locations, and Resources.

Allow New Patients to Schedule or Request Appointments

We've added an additional setting to Appointment Preferences to allow or not allow scheduling or appointment requests from new patients.

  • Do not allow new patients to schedule appointment
  • Do not allow new patients to request appointment

When enabled a new patient will see a prompt that instructs the patient to call the office to schedule an appointment when attempting to schedule or request an appointment in the portal.

When disabled a new patient will see a list of available providers, locations, and appointment types when scheduling or requesting appointments depending on whether they are made available in Appointment Preferences, Locations, and Resources.

Additionally, when editing an individual Appointment Type, Location, or Resource, practices can now select the option to Allow New patients to Schedule Appointment and Allow New patients to Request Appointment.

Toggle Cancel Appointment Option (Prime Suite and Intergy)

Practices are now able to turn the cancel appointments option on or off in the Appointment Preferences setting. Additionally, we've added the ability for practices to set the amount of days prior to an appointment date when the option to cancel an appointment will be disabled.

This option only appears when direct scheduling is enabled.

If the cancellation option is disable for patients, or if it is within the disallowed time range (e.g., 2 days before), then the patient will see the following message: "NOTE: Contact office to cancel."

Population Broadcast Notices

Limited Availability

Population Broadcast notices allow a practice to upload a report to Greenway Patient Messaging or select Care Programs to generate messages for an identified patient population. With Population Broadcast notices, practices will be able to define who they wish to communicate with based on the patients’ health information. For more information, see the Population Broadcast Notices help topic.

Other Updates

Provider and Location Search (Intergy Only)

Patients are now able to search in the Provider field when sending a secure message, and search in the Provider and Location fields when requesting or scheduling appointments depending on the configuration in Appointment Preferences, Locations, Resources, and Site Options.

Disable General Provider (Intergy Only)

Intergy practices are now able to disable the general option in secure messaging in the Site Options setting.

Preferred Provider/Location Selection

Patients will now see a pop-up after selecting Search or Submit when requesting or scheduling appointments if they do not have a preferred provider or location set in My Profile. This pop-up offers to set a selected provider or location.

Default Health Summary

The default date range for a patient's health summary is now set to Last 3 years. In order to view All History, patients will now have to select All History from the drop-down.

System Codes (Intergy Only)

System codes now display on the cards and the panel for resources, locations, and appointment types.

Location Address

A location's address now displays whenever a patient selects a location when scheduling or requesting an appointment in the portal.

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