Resolved Issues

4.4.1 Service Pack 2019 - Released 08/20/2019

In the Implanted Devices section of My Summary, the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) now displays under the name of the implanted device.

We've added a new section to the My Visit Summary page: Functional and Cognitive Status. This section displays a patient's functional and cognitive statuses, and onset date and time if entered in the core platform.

If no functional and cognitive statuses are entered in the core platform, then the following text appears in the Functional and Cognitive Status section of the My Visit Summary page: "No available Functional and Cognitive Status for this visit".

4.4.1 Resolved Issues

Prime Suite Only

Smoking Status start date now displays under Social History on the My Health Summary page.

Reason codes now display in the Immunizations section of the My Health Summary page. If a patient objects to an immunization, the reason for the objection displays (e.g., Religious objection), and "Date recorded" displays. If a patient has an immunization administered, then "Date administered" displays. If an immunization is not administered and there is no reason code, then "Not Administered" displays.

The following issues were fixed in the Lab Results section of the My Health Summary page:

  • Order names are now being displayed correctly.
  • If available, Specimen Sources are now displayed.
  • The name and address of the laboratory that performed a test is now displaying correctly.
  • "(0)" is no longer displayed before the name of a lab.

Other Fixes

Under Procedures on the My Health Summary page, the Procedure Status (Active or Completed) now displays.

Under Current Medications in the Health Summary page, current medications now show route, frequency, and dose if entered in the core platform.

The following table includes a corresponding case number, platform (Patient Messaging or Patient Portal), core system (Intergy or Prime Suite), a description, and the fixed in version number for each resolved issue.

Case # Platform Core Description Version
04773270 Portal All Appointment Request drop downs no longer show all available providers after a user changes the location. 4.4.1
03979456 Messaging All Voice reminders are no longer mispronouncing some names and abbreviations. 4.4.1
04782747 Portal All Date of Birth no longer disappears when patients edit their demographics in My Profile. 4.4.1
04812375 Portal Prime Suite We've resolved an issue where some patients were getting the following error when submitting their Health History Forms on the portal: "Error occurred communicating with server." 4.4.1
04828336 Messaging Prime Suite Appointment confirmation for text messages are now being delivered to the EHR after the patient responds with "C". 4.4.1
04120585 Portal Intergy Lab Results are no longer showing the wrong comments on Patient Portal for a lab test after selecting "Show More". 4.4.1
04162137 Messaging All Sites are no longer experiencing problems and inaccurate information when using the comment feature in Generated Messages. 4.4.1
04851077 Messaging All For sites with a large number of resources, we’ve resolved an issue where some resources could not be added to appointment reminders. 4.4.1
04378903 Portal Prime Suite Payments made in the Portal no longer show the wrong payment submitted time in a Prime Suite task. 4.4.1