Resolved Issues

The following table includes a corresponding case number, platform (Patient Messaging or Patient Portal), core system (Intergy or Prime Suite), a description, and the fixed in version number for each resolved issue.

Case # Platform Core Description Version
04982505 Messaging All We’ve resolved an issue where Greenway Patient Messaging was not canceling generated messages if the appointment was cancelled on the same day and prior to the delivery start time. 4.6.0
04932387 Messaging All We’ve resolved an issue where some image and audio files in Media Library were showing deleted notices as “Used in Notice”. 4.6.0
04972396 Messaging Prime Suite We’ve fixed an issue where some customers were unable to remove email signature logos from recall notices. 4.6.0
04935135 Messaging All We’ve mitigated a potential issue where customers would not receive patient appointment confirmations. In rare instances, when a patient confirms an appointment from a Greenway Patient message, the confirmation for that appointment may fail to update. 4.6.0
04930930 Messaging All We’ve resolved an issue where voice messages that failed to send out for specific days, and that were manually re-queued, did not have the response prompts for Confirm, Cancel, or Reschedule. This issue was specific to messages re-queued after outages. 4.6.0
04913882 Portal All We’ve resolved an issue on Greenway Patient Portal where patients could not simultaneously edit "Demographics" and "Patient Preferences" on the My Information page. Previously, patients would have to edit and save these sections separately. 4.6.0
05133371 Messaging Intergy We've fixed an issue for service centers where messages were not going out to patients due to a location code change in Intergy. Previously, when a service center changed its location code in Intergy, a new location was created in Greenway Patient Messaging. However, messages were not going out to patients because they were mapped to the previous location. 4.6.0