Resolved Issues

The following table includes a corresponding case number, platform (Patient Messaging or Patient Portal), core system (Intergy or Prime Suite), a description, and the fixed in version number for each resolved issue.

Case # Platform Core Description Version
04497624 Messaging All Uploaded audio files that have names with ten numbers are now playing correctly in voice messages. 4.5.0
04350246 Portal All We’ve resolved an issue where the Patient Education page had styling issues across different browsers including overlapping text. 4.5.0
04941034 Messaging All We’ve resolved an issue where patients were hearing a Technical Difficulty message if their appointment confirmation failed to send to the EHR even though it was successfully sent to Greenway Patient Messaging. 4.5.0
04938626 Messaging Intergy We’ve resolved an issue were Intergy sites without Greenway Patient Messaging were seeing the Appointment Types widget on the admin dashboard despite the widget not being used for any functionality. 4.5.0
04971752 Messaging All Patients are no longer receiving a 404 page not found error when selecting confirm on an Email Appointment Message. 4.5.0
04944429 Portal All We’ve resolved an issue where the Patient Portal was displaying an unread message count even if a patient read all messages. This was due to some messages being deleted prior to v4.4.0. 4.5.0
04599798 Messaging All We’ve resolved an issue where some broadcast notices were failing to process. These broadcast notices would show 0 sent and 0 failed even though it had qualifying messages. 4.5.0
04148037 Messaging Prime Suite We’ve fixed an issue for Prime Suite Greenway Patient Messaging sites where No-Show messages were not qualifying to generate and send. Previously, if a qualifying No-Show event was made for an appointment that did not qualify for any appointment notices, then that No-Show message would fail to generate. This also occurred if a site is using No-Show Notices but has no active Appointment Notices. 4.5.0
04871755 Portal Intergy We've fixed an issue for 29 sites that have migrated from the HL7 to ENS. Previously, when these sites would create an appointment, and then rescheduled or updated the appointment prior to the conversion, the appointment would fail to update if it was rescheduled, updated, cancelled, or marked a no-show. 4.5.0
04867005 Portal All We've fixed an issue where Direct Scheduling and Appointment Request were enabled in the Portal even though these were toggled off in Appointment Preferences. 4.5.0
04686857 Portal Intergy For sites that have migrated from HL7 to ENS, we've fixed an issue where if an appointment was scheduled in Intergy, and then immediately Rescheduled, Updated, Canceled, or No-Showed, then those secondary events were processed prior to the appointment event, but failed because the appointment had yet to be processed. Previously, this was more likely to happen for new patients if they were registered, immediately scheduled for an appointment, and then rescheduled etc., in a very short amount of time. 4.5.0
05250404 Messaging All We've fixed an issue where text-to-speech was not working correctly for phone numbers if an audio file was also included in the voice message. Previously, phone numbers in voice messages were being pronounced as numbered groups (e.g., eight hundred fifty ...) rather than a string of single digits (e.g., eight five zero five five five ...). 4.5.0 HF1
05236416 Portal All We've resolved an issue where non-recent providers and locations were not displaying in the search drop-downs in My Messages or My Appointments. Previously, only a patient's recent providers and locations were displaying in the search drop-downs despite disabling the settings "Require patients to only message providers they have previously seen" and "Require patients to request appointments with previous providers and locations". 4.5.0 HF1